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Hi Aaron, thanks for the info.  I¹m curious what you or others do about
DDoS attacks to CGNAT devices.  It seems that a single attack could affect
the thousands of customers that use those devices.  Also, do you have
issues detecting attacks vs. legitimate traffic when you have so much
traffic destined to a small group of IPs?

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>Last year I evaluated Cisco ASR9006/VSM-500 and Juniper MX104/MS-MIC-16G
>my lab.
>I went with MX104/MS-MIC-16G.  I love it.
>I deployed (2) MX104's.  Each MX104 has a single MX-MIC-16G card in it.  I
>integrated this CGNAT with MPLS L3VPN's for NAT Inside vrf and NAT outside
>vrf.  Both MX104's learn 0/0 route for outside and send a 0/0 route for
>inside to all the PE's that have DSLAMs connected to them.  So each PE
>DSL connected to it learns default route towards 2 equal cost MX104's.  I
>could easily add a third MX104 to this modular architecture.
>I have 7,000 DSL broadband customers behind it.  Peak time throughput is
>hitting up at 4 gbps... I see a little over 100,000 service flows
>(translations) at peak time
>I think each MX104 MS-MIC-16G can able about ~7 million translations and
>about 7 gbps of cgnat throughput... so I'm good.
>I have a /25 for each MX104 outside public address pool (so /24 total for
>both MX104's)... pretty sweet how I use /24 for ~7,000 customers :)
>I'll freeze this probably for DSL and not put anything else behind it.  I
>want to leave well-enough alone.
>If I move forward with CGNAT'ing Cable Modem (~6,000 more subsrcibers)
>probably roll-out (2) more MX104's with a new vrf for that...
>If I move forward with CGNAT'ing FTTH (~20,000 more subsrcibers) I'll
>probably roll-out (2) MX240/480/960 with MS-MPC... I feel I'd want/need
>something beefier for FTTH...
>- Aaron

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