NTP problems/time.windows.com?

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Tue Apr 4 02:34:21 UTC 2017

Majdi S. Abbas <msa at latt.net>:
> 	Haven't seen it, but if people are reporting sudden hour
> offsets, on the first Monday in April, I'd bet on a DST implementation
> bug that hijacked the system clock on their servers.
> 	This doesn't look like the sort of error you'd get with a free
> running clock.

I concur, about the one-hour shift anyway.  The random garbage times
aren't really likely either - jumps that large would tend to get the
source rejected as a falseticker.

It's a weird set of symptoms that rather looks as if they hit two different
failure modes at once.  Dunno.

One of our NTPsec devs posted the link on one of our project channels and
suggested maybe we ought to call M$ with an offer of help...
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