Alternatives to bgpmon?

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Mon Apr 3 12:42:05 UTC 2017

Hi all,
    it sounds like you may be interested in the project we are carrying 
here in my research institute here in Pisa (Isolario project, The project is totally free of charge and we just 
you to open one (or more) full route (v4/v6) BGP session(s) towards our
route collectors to have one (or more) Isolario user(s). BGP packets
received on these sessions will be used to provide to the users the
real-time services we implemented (e.g. external reachability analyses 
alerting), and they will be stored and made publicly available as every 
route collecting project (e.g. Route Views and RIPE NCC RIS) on our 

My colleague Luca gave a presentation about that at NANOG66 in San 
so you may find the slides on NANOG archives. Just write me if you need 
more detail about the project!


Il 2017-03-29 23:54 Victor Gonzalez ha scritto:
> I just signed up for the free account .. gonna give a spin
> Victor
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> We are going to be trying ThousandEyes...  They provide flexible
> alerting rules for various BGP issues and their visualization is
> excellent, kind of like BGPlay on steroids...
> Bill
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> Anyone have recommendations for an alternative service that works like
> bgpmon (external reachability/peer monitoring, route hijack alerts,
> etc)?  Since their OpenDNS acquisition, I’ve found the service not
> working reliably, as in I receive no alerts even when I’m
> intentionally taking one of our peers offline, and after two attempts
> to find out why this is, I receive no response, so it seems support is
> now broken as well.
> Thanks,
> David

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