BCP38 adoption "incentives"?

Zbyněk Pospíchal zbynek at dialtelecom.cz
Wed Sep 28 20:26:38 UTC 2016

Dne 27.09.16 v 16:30 Mikael Abrahamsson napsal(a):

> The first page was completely devoid of any real technical information
> until I found the PDF (which from the color choice doesn't even look
> like a link). (https://www.nix.cz/cs/file/NIX_RULES_FENIX)
> It's still not obvious what the FENIX connection is used for from that
> PDF. It's called "last resort connection". What does that mean?

It means that a network suffering massive DDoS can switch off their
transit and peering links and turn itself to anything like "island mode"
operation, still keeping access to some of root and local TLD DNS
servers, local content and/or local users. Fortunately, it has been
never used except tests, but it is still an option when a network is in
such kind of trouble.

> Apart from that, it looks more like https://www.routingmanifesto.org/ in
> that organisations that have joined are stating that they will follow
> some operational guidelines (which make a lot of sense), but it's not
> that much more technical when it comes to inter-provider traffic

Routing manifesto cannot provide you anything in the oposite if you
comply it, except, maybe, good feeling. Fenix (or Dutch Trusted Network
Initiative) project can.

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