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On Mon 2016-Sep-26 12:39:21 -0400, John R. Levine <johnl at> wrote:

>>If we're talking about networks with that kind of MRC, is it really 
>>that far of a stretch to require PI space for this?  Then again:  
>>If we're talking about that kind of MRC, then I'm assuming ISP A 
>>can be coaxed to allow explicit and well-defined exceptions on the 
>>customer's links.
>A) Check the prices for PI space, if you can even get any.
>B) Our network works fine with PA space.  If you claim otherwise, we 
>know plenty of other operators who aren't as wedged as you are.
>Trying to solve technical problems with social solutions rarely 
>works. See for example, the sad history of passwords.

Mike and Aled covering this better than I am.

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