One Year On: IPv4 Exhaust

Mark Andrews marka at
Sun Sep 25 23:01:49 UTC 2016

In message <1474840690.4107784.736591409.28E807DF at>, "Radu-Adrian Feurdean" writes:
> On Sun, Sep 25, 2016, at 23:27, Mark Andrews wrote:
> > But it shows that if you turn on IPv6 on the servers you will get
> > IPv6 traffic.  We are no longer is a world where turning on IPv6
> > got you a handful of connections.  There are billions of devices
> > that can talk IPv6 to you today the moment you allow them to.
> I know, but for the "server guys" turning on IPv6 it's pretty low on
> priority list.

Are those server guys interested in stopping attacks without
collateral damage?  You can't say that a IPv4 address == 1 customer
today.  Any protection measures you put in place based on IPv4
addresses are likely to affect more than one customer.

> > Can all your customers talk IPv6 to you?  No.
> > It the proportion of customers that can talk IPv6 to you increasing? 
> > Yes.
> My customers are eyeballs. Residential ones have dual-stack by default,
> business - some have, some don't and some explicitly refuse (or ask for
> v6 to be disabled).

Lots of residentual customers don't have a unshared IPv4 address.
The only reason you are seeing IPv4 from them is that the ISP has
had to spend money working around the sheer lazyness of content
providers in not providing IPv6.

> > Is somewhere between 11-14% worldwide enough for you to invest the
> > time to turn on IPv6 enough?  It should be.
> Since they (the 11-14% worldwide) do have IPv4 anyway, some consider
> it's not worth; at least not yet.

Actually almost all of the world does not have complete IPv4, they
have a subset of IPv4.  You have just got used to not having complete

> The issue with IPv6 deployment it's not as simple as some people
> suggest. It's not a technical problem either, but it's a big one.

In most cases it is just a matter of turning it on.

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