PlayStationNetwork blocking of CGNAT public addresses

Brian Rak brak at
Thu Sep 22 13:28:56 UTC 2016

On 9/22/2016 8:10 AM, Baldur Norddahl wrote:
> On 22 September 2016 at 10:42, Alexander Maassen <outsider at>
> wrote:
>> So you ignore/don't deal with the abuse coz it's shipped in a format you
>> refuse to handle?
>> And you don't even bother telling the reporter you would like it in a per
>> ip format? Or make attempts to make it work the way they report it (split
>> out the ip's and modify the to be forwarded mail to only contain the ip's
>> belonging to that customer)????
> You will have to remember that these are automated mails from the reporter.
> If I write them back it goes into their bit bucket, because they do not
> really care enough to bother replying. I am betting they are sending out
> thousands mails each day and they can not handle manually replying to all
> of that. In the same way we receive a large amount of automated mail so we
> have to be able to handle it automatically. Send me something sane and I
> will make a script that forwards it. Send me something unusable and I wont
> - but I will not do manual handling of your automated mail.
> All I am trying to do here is tell people that send abuse mails not to
> combine multiple abuse complaints in one mail, because that makes it harder
> for everybody and makes it more likely that your mail will be dropped as
> too much work. Double so if your abuse mails is from an automated system,
> because I will try to match your automated system with my own. However it
> is much harder to make a system that can edit your complaint and duplicate
> it to several recipients, than it is to run a simple filter that just
> forwards the mail as is.
> As to PSN they will usually send multiple mails if the abuse is ongoing. At
> some point they will send a mail with just one IP and that one gets
> forwarded. So we are dropping some of the mails, but the users eventually
> get notified anyway. It is not ideal but it works.
> Regards,
> Baldur

We've also started ignoring their abuse emails, for the same reason.  
Their abuse emails at one point contained the line:

 > P.S. If you would prefer an individual email for each IP address on 
this list, please let us know.

But, they didn't respond after we contacted them requesting it (and that 
line has since been removed).

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