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On Wed, 22 Sep 2016, John Levine wrote:

>> For domain registration I found that joining the GoDaddy Domain Club
>> ( $120/year or less if you pay ahead for multiple years [1] ) ...
> There's a lot of registrars with prepay discounts.  Gandi's domains
> are cheaper if you prepay $600, a lot cheaper if you prepay $2000.

  I see the discount, and $600 prepay IS cheaper than Gandi rates with NO
  prepay. But the other companies are still less expensive even with the
  Gandi prepay.

     TLD     NearlyFree      GoDaddy DDC  	Gandi B Rates ($600)
     com      $9.34          $10.44			$14.50
     org     $11.39          $14.14			$16.20
     net     $10.54          $11.14			$17.00
     info    $10.69          $12.14			$15.55
     name     $8.99          $12.14			$14.60
     biz     $11.19          $14.14			$16.28

  Now if you get to $12,000 prepay, you get E Rates, where .com is $8.80 and
  .net is $11.00. Lower than most, but NearlyFree is still very competitive
  and even beats Gandi on a few TLDs at E Rates.

  I'm sure there are more benefits to Gandi over others than just price.

  I agree with the other poster that other dimensions are also important and
  valuable: support quality, security, policies, UI, ease of use,


NOTE: All rates quoted are RENEWAL rates, not transfer or new, as of
9/21/16. GoDaddy DDC rates are discounted and adjusted for 56 domains for
the DDC fee of $120 per year. More domains == lower prices.
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