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Thu Sep 22 01:14:59 UTC 2016

I use DNS Made Easy for all of my DNS hosting, which I'm happy to

For domain registration I found that joining the GoDaddy Domain Club 
( $120/year or less if you pay ahead for multiple years [1] ) is a good
deal for the quantity of domains I own (56 and counting). It's kind of like
Sam's Club -- you pay a membership fee for lower bulk pricing.

Additionally they handle nearly every TLD, like .us, .name and looks to have pricing that is close to that of the
Domain Club, may have to check them out. The Domain Club cost of $120
divided by 56 domains is about $2.15 per Domain, so NearlyFree wins
handily. I'd like to learn more about the WHO behind NFSN, as well as how
and when they offer support.

     TLD     NearlyFree      GoDaddy Domain Club [Adjusted]
     com      $9.34      >    $8.29  [$10.44]
     org     $11.39     <    $11.99  [$14.14]
     net     $10.54      >    $8.99  [$11.14]
     info    $10.69      >    $9.99  [$12.14]
     name     $8.99     <     $9.99  [$12.14]
     biz     $11.19     <    $11.99  [$14.14]

In the 10-15 years of using GoDaddy, despite my disagreement with some of
their marketing and public business positions, my domains don't get stolen,
they haven't shut anything down, I haven't lost a domain name, and their
support is decent when I need it (and it is 24/7 phone / email / chat).



On Mon, 19 Sep 2016, Jeff Jones wrote:

> Hello All,
> Sorry if this is low level. But are people sick of registrars jacking up
> prices? Who is the cheapest and most reliable? I have been using,
> and am looking for input on who is cheap, secure,
> reliable registrar. Thanks for your input.
> ~Jeff

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