Don't press the big red buttom on the wall!

Tony Finch dot at
Thu Sep 1 13:00:25 UTC 2016

Ken Chase <math at> wrote:

> 3 of my internet-lifetimes/startups ago, we had this happen when one of the L2
> techs was doing their 'rounds' - but had a backpack on. They swung around and
> hit the safety cover on the BRS - which got knocked off. They freaked
> out a bit while putting the cover back on... and managed to activate it.

If you get a safety cover for your EPO switch, make sure it is the right
kind of cover. Following an accidental EPO outage, we got a safety cover
that was actually a latch designed to ensure the switch stays pressed
until manually reset. We discoverd this when someone tried to demonstrate
that it was now a lot harder to accidentally press the EPO. (it wasn't)

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