Another day, another illicit SQUAT - WebNX (AS18450)

Selphie Keller selphie.keller at
Mon Oct 31 18:00:25 UTC 2016


I noticed this thread and wanted to provide some information, subnet is not an illicit squat this subnet is apart of which was transferred from APNIC to ARIN back this last
February and is listed publicly at within the
"Inter-RIR Transfers to the ARIN Region", also WebNX AS18450 does have the
LOA's on file for the subnet.

I do agree with the others in this thread about the lack of WHOIS  as
looking up does indeed provide very little information to go
on so I can see how this could be misunderstood as a squat of the subnet
due to the lack of whois information which is an updating issue
ARIN/APNIC's part, hopefully can get this resolved so that ARIN shows the

APNIC -> -> then to WebNX, which would show
the full chain and a proper abuse contact for this subnet.

As for the spamming/spam email part of this thread, please send the said
spam email/emails with headers in question to abuse at, this way we
can investigate and sort it out. We do take spamming seriously and will
work quickly to get it resolved.

-Selphie K

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