Voip faxing

Samual Carman starwars1070 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 04:45:52 UTC 2016

Hello if this is not allowed please ignore and inform me that it not allowed however I could think of no better place for this 
I would like to know why there has not been more wide support of the V.38 or v.17 v.34 or the old style g.711 protocols for faxing over voip 
Based on my understanding it is an difficult in an IP based environment for faxing to work reliably however based on my understanding V.38 was suppose to fix that however the research I have conducted in regards to the support of these protocols is that there not widely implimted and besides G.711 which was designed for voice that proviso is somewhat implored on a wider scale 
However I understand faxing is archaic but in some fields it is necessary 
Thanks Sam Please excuse spelling and grammar as this was typed on my phone 

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