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Sun Oct 30 19:59:46 UTC 2016

Is this report reliable? I don't know off-hand:




  Amateurs were behind the Dyn Inc. DDoS attack, report says

  Flashpoint says that despite speculation, nothing they’ve seen
  points to political motivation or extortion

Here is Flashpoint's actual report link:




  "...In its investigation of Dyn DDoS attacks, Flashpoint discovered
  that the infrastructure used in the attack also targeted a
  well-known video game company. While there does not appear to have
  been any disruption of service, the targeting of a video game
  company is less indicative of hacktivists, state-actors, or social
  justice communities, and aligns more with the hackers that frequent
  online hacking forums. These hackers exist in their own tier,
  sometimes called “script kiddies,” and are separate and distinct
  from hacktivists, organized crime, state-actors, and terrorist
  groups. They can be motivated by financial gain, but just as often
  will execute attacks such as these to show off, or to cause
  disruption and chaos for sport..."

  "...Flashpoint assesses with moderate confidence that these attacks
  were not financially or politically motivated..."

P.S. not sure why I include tinyurls other than long URLs tend to get
messed up in some MUAs and on rare occasion one has to retype one in
and tinyurls are tiny.

        -Barry Shein

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