Net Neutrality in Canada

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Hi Jean,

What is the status of net neutrality in Canada?



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This is a heads up, the CRTC (Canada's FCC) is holding a week long
hearing on net neutrality in Canada ("differential pricing" is the used).

Canada has had its "ITMP" (Internet Traffic Management Practices) policy
since 2009 which deals with unfair throttling, and now, we are arguing
on zero rating and sponsored content stuff).

It will be broadcasted at  (at bottom of home page

CPAC - Cable Public Affairs Channel<>
CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, is Canada's only privately-owned, commercial free, not for profit, bilingual television service.

there should be a selection for the CRTC hearing). Note: you can choose
between english, french of floor (untranslated).

Days generally start at 09:00. Can end at any time.

Either @CRTCeng or @CRTChearings will be tweeting links to presentations
as each presentation begins.

hashtag: #CRTC #Diffpricing

Facebook did not wish to appear but was "invited". Last time the CRTC
did that, it was with Netflix and Google and sparks flew ("you don't
regulate us, we don't have to answer"). (It appears on Tuesday right
after me, so they should be roughly ~ 10:30 or 11:00.)

The agenda:

The original Notice of Consultation:

And the record of the consultation:

Note: this started with a different proceeding in September 2015 2 parts
1 filings against Vidéotron who started zero rated music on its wireless
service for music services that Vidéotron approved/selected.

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