Spitballing IoT Security

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Sat Oct 29 05:14:34 UTC 2016

On October 28, 2016 at 00:07 jxh at jxh.com (Jim Hickstein) wrote:
 > On 10/27/16 22:59, bzs at TheWorld.com wrote:
 > > What would the manufacturers' response be if this virus had instead
 > > just shut down, possibly in some cases physically damaged the devices
 > > or otherwise caused them to cease functioning ever again (wiped all
 > > their software or broke their bootability), rather than just hijacked
 > > them for a while?
 > A virus that kills its host (too much of the time) is not successful.

Hmm. So now we assume we are dealing with rational actors?

I suppose one can find some rational motives in bringing down Dyn but
I don't see that it's all that different from bricking half a million
(for starters) IoT devices.

Thus far the goal just seems to be mayhem.

        -Barry Shein

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