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Sat Oct 29 00:51:56 UTC 2016

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Mark Andrews <marka at> wrote:

>Mark Andrews wrote:
>> It's not the RIR's job.  They already provide the framework for
>> ISP's to do the job of policing route announcements themselves.
>> ISP's just need to use that framework.
>Ron thinks otherwise.

No, I don't.  You have made a incorrect inference from the text of my
actual comment.

In my actual comment I merely noted that RIRs are in fact -not- the
Internet Police, and that none of them have ever displayed even the
slightest desire to become that (and indeed, when asked, they have,
without exception, exhibited a clear desire -not- to be assigned any
such role).

These observations on my part are all merely recitations of well-
established historical facts, all of which are easily verifiable by
anyone with a browser.  I made no comment at all about who, if anyone,
should be tasked to take on the role of The Routing Police.

And indeed, if asked, I would express some degree of skepticism about
the ability of RIRs to even reliably execute their existing data base
maintenance responsibilities to a level which I personally would find
entirely satisfactory.  (The apparent goofyness relating to
is just one very small example of this, there being also many other and
more serious issues that I could also cite, if pressed, relating strictly
to allocation functions and/or to WHOIS data base issues.)

Given that I do not have an entirely unequivocal admiration for the
quality and consistancy of the work that RIRs are already clearly
responsible for, do you really believe that it would be my first
choice to assign an entirely seperate but equally critical set of
-new- authorities and responsibilities to the RiRs?  If so, please
allow me to disabuse you of that notion.  (I am also and likewise not
likely to support any effort any any part of the United States federal
government to assign new authorities and responsibilities to the Office
of Personnel Management.)


P.S.  I may be wrong about this, but it has come to my attention that
many, most, or all of the WHOIS records reflecting allocations made by
the AFRINIC RIR are utterly devoid of either (a) information specifying
the dates on which the relevant allocations were made or (b) email
contact addresses for the relevant number resource registrants.

I am, of course, utterly appalled by the apparent inability of this RIR
to maintain a WHOIS data base which even approximates the modest and
minimal level of relevant information commonly available from the WHOIS
data bases of other and older RIRs.

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