Another day, another illicit SQUAT - WebNX (AS18450)

Ken Chase math at
Fri Oct 28 22:05:10 UTC 2016

On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 02:40:23PM -0700, Ronald F. Guilmette said:
  >I'm going to call these turkeys right now and just ask them, point
  >blank, what the bleep they think they're doing, routing unallocated
  >APNIC space. 

Makin' phat stacks.

One thing the RIRs could do is put pressure on AS's to not route
these objects, and start producing daily public output scores
for these orgs, and emailing them -- ultimately threatening them
with de-reg of their assets if they dont stop this nonsense.
Further more, could get the route db's involved in dereg threats.

Is the politcal will there tho?

Right now there's no stigma beyond nanog-l in being a bad actor
from where I sit.

Ken Chase - math at guelph canada

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