Should abuse mailboxes have quotas?

Jimmy Hess mysidia at
Fri Oct 28 00:36:04 UTC 2016

On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 1:35 PM, Dan Hollis <goemon at> wrote:
> not so much malice as gross incompetence.
> running spamfilters on your [email protected] mailbox, really? that is, for those which
> actually have an abuse mailbox that doesn't bounce outright.

Sorry about that,  many networks do perform standard filtering on
messages to Abuse contacts based on DNS RBLs,  SPF/DMARC
policy enforcement,  virus scans,  etc,  and do send a SMTP Reject on
detected spam or malware.

If your own mail server's IP appears on Spamhaus, then, Yes, you should
expect  any abuse reports you attempt to submit have a likelihood of being
rejected as spam.

Abuse/contact mailboxes are not special in this regard,  and it would not be
a good practice to leave unprotected.    If anything.....:

For many networks;  files sent to abuse mailboxes are likely aliased to the
normal mailbox of sysadmins who have access to high privileges.    As such,
these mailboxes may require even stronger protection  than other accounts,
because of increased risk   (when a mistake is made).

There is a reason that phone numbers, and not just e-mail addresses are listed
in the WHOIS records......

If you get a SMTP reject, then call the the Abuse POC of the organization you
need to report abuse from.....

> -Dan

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