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On October 25, 2016 at 01:10 rfg at tristatelogic.com (Ronald F. Guilmette) wrote:
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 > >Top posting to provide some clarity:
 > That's funny.  Personally, I have always felt that top posting -destroys-
 > clarity.  But as Chaplin Tapman said in Catch-22 "I'm not here to judge
 > you."

FWIW I prefer top-posting as I assume anyone interested in the thread
has read the note being responded to and it's only there for someone
late to class or looking for perhaps a misunderstanding or mismatch
between the new text and the quoted text.

In my ideal world there wouldn't even be all this quoting sent back
and forth. It'd just become a type of link perhaps like the HTML #tag
syntax to highlight a specific region of text, which one could click
if they need it.

I'm aware that some MUA's will hide quoted text and only expand it if
asked which is something of a one-sided compromise. One-sided in that
a #tag scheme would require cooperation of some web site out there to
format and hold the target links while just hiding quoted text can be
done entirely within your phone or whatever.

But on some lists I'm on, not this one particularly, there are a lot
of notes going back and forth which are >1MB of nested quoting and the
only new text is "I agree!" or "+1".

Seems dumb but hey disk is cheap and so is talk.

        -Barry Shein

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