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On October 24, 2016 at 23:46 jw at (John Weekes) wrote:
 > > Are they all sent in English?
 > Currently, mine are.
 > > Just curious but one wonders what most here would do with an abuse
 > > complaint sent to them in Chinese?
 > If I were to receive one in Chinese, I would personally paste it into 
 > Google Translate. That is what I do with Japanese complaints/responses, 
 > which are the main ones I see that aren't in English. Most others ISPs 
 > seem to use straight English, or both English and another language.

As I said in a previous note first one would have to even recognize
that a note written in Chinese (or Urdu for that matter, non-Latin-1)
is a valid abuse note worth spending another moment looking at.

I wonder how many have spam filters which pretty much block emails in
non-Latin-1 character sets? It's certainly an easy setting on
spamassassin for example, the easiest being to just choose English or
maybe there's a Latin-1 choice and default score any other language
and charset very high (i.e., as likely spam.)

Even ignoring that possibility how many in other countries even agree
with the assumptions underlying this complaint about their not
reacting to various abuses?

Maybe they just think such complaints are silly and/or way out of
their hands (i.e., whoever is reading that abuse complaint)?

In the US and similar countries we tend to use as reference points we
tend to have evolved short-circuit mechanisms to respond to serious
abuse events.

For all I know all they can do is submit a 20 page highly stylized
request to the Ministry of Information to consider among the 50,000
other requests from libraries, book publishers, minor political
parties, etc at the next people's congress in August before any
action, even an email response as it would imply a policy, can be

Which just might be a little frustrating to the front line. Or would
be frustrating to us. For many of them it's just how things work,
believe me when I say I've run into that powerless fatalism

Taking individual initiative is not a universal virtue.

More importantly is there any attempt at a global meeting of the minds
on what a notable problem and appropriate reaction, including
responding to abuse reports, even is?

My guess having dealt with some amount of international internet
politics is: Many here might be very, very surprised if they tried.

        -Barry Shein

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