Death of the Internet, Film at 11

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> > Assuming these manufacturers who are culpable carry product liability
> > insurance go to their insurance companies and explain the situation.
> Cheaper solution: Start a company, build crappy firmware, carry
> product liability insurance, release the product, immediately sell
> millions of units to various vendors that 'rebrand' your product.
> Close your business / go out of business.  Wait for lawsuits to roll
> in after the business has been shut down.
> -A

For anyone who thinks this is a hypothetical, the market for
consumer-grade GPSes already works this way -- though, not for liability
reasons in quite the same sense.  The issue in GPS-land is blocking patents
and other IP.  Fly-by-night GPS vendors with 60-to-90-day life cycles
keep a lot of Shenzhen shops busy.
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