Dyn DDoS this AM?

Alexander Maassen outsider at scarynet.org
Sat Oct 22 12:02:01 UTC 2016

Remember ping packets containing +++ATH0 ?
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    Just a FYI,

    That "horrific trend" has been happening since some techie got
dissed on an IRC channel over 20 years ago.

    He used a bunch of hosted putters to ICMP flood the IRC server.

    Whatever the community is behind, until the carriers decide to wise
up this will keep happening, that is without talking about the
industries being developed around DDoSes events.

    Enjoy your weekend. ( I ain't on call anymore anyway =D )

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On 10/21/16 11:52, Brian Davies via NANOG wrote:
> +1!
> Well said, Patrick.
> B
> On Friday, October 21, 2016, Patrick W. Gilmore <patrick at ianai.net> wrote:
>> I cannot give additional info other than what’s been on “public media”.
>> However, I would very much like to say that this is a horrific trend on
>> the Internet. The idea that someone can mention a DDoS then get DDoS’ed Can
>> Not Stand. See Krebs’ on the Democratization of Censorship. See lots of
>> other things.
>> To Dyn and everyone else being attacked:
>> The community is behind you. There are problems, but if we stick together,
>> we can beat these miscreants.
>> To the miscreants:
>> You will not succeed. Search "churchill on the beaches”. It’s a bit
>> melodramatic, but it’s how I feel at this moment.
>> To the rest of the community:
>> If you can help, please do. I know a lot of you are thinking “what can I
>> do?" There is a lot you can do. BCP38 & BCP84 instantly come to mind. Sure,
>> that doesn’t help Mirai, but it still helps. There are many other things
>> you can do as well.
>> But a lot of it is just willingness to help. When someone asks you to help
>> trace an attack, do not let the request sit for a while. Damage is being
>> done. Help your neighbor. When someone’s house is burning, your current
>> project, your lunch break, whatever else you are doing is almost certainly
>> less important. If we stick together and help each other, we can - we WILL
>> - win this war. If we are apathetic, we have already lost.
>> OK, enough motivational speaking for today. But take this to heart. Our
>> biggest problem is people thinking they cannot or do not want to help.
>> --
>> TTFN,
>> patrick
>>> On Oct 21, 2016, at 10:55 AM, Chris Grundemann <cgrundemann at gmail.com
>> <javascript:;>> wrote:
>>> Does anyone have any additional details? Seems to be over now, but I'm
>> very
>>> curious about the specifics of such a highly impactful attack (and it's
>>> timing following NANOG 68)...
>>> https://krebsonsecurity.com/2016/10/ddos-on-dyn-impacts-
>> twitter-spotify-reddit/
>>> --
>>> @ChrisGrundemann
>>> http://chrisgrundemann.com

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