MPLS in the campus Network?

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Fri Oct 21 21:40:33 UTC 2016

On Oct 21, 2016, at 4:18 PM, Youssef Ghorbal <youssef.ghorbal at> wrote, in part:
> Until people start complaining they can no more auto discover their
> Time Capsule left in the other building whereas their colleagues in
> the other building can etc etc. All fancy discover protocols breaks
> without L2 continuity !

Minor Correction:  Correctly configured*, an Airport Extreme basestation (Time Capsule or not) does not require L2 connectivity to discover. In fact, Wide Area is used for discovery of many services not necessarily reachable by L2 connectivity. Apple’s Back to My Mac service is one example.

*Apple’s "Back to My Mac” Wide Area Bonjour is enabled on an Airport basestation by entering appropriate Apple ID and password data in the Base Station tab as accessed by Airport Utility.

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