A perl script to convert Cisco IOS/Nexus/ASA configurations to HTML for easier comprehension

Ken Chase math at sizone.org
Thu Oct 20 18:59:49 UTC 2016

re more general 'network utilities' and scripts:


adds and removes subnets from networks giving list of remaining/aggregated (sub)nets.

I couldnt find an online calculator that does this, most are just for 'translation' 
from subnet masks<>cidr or cisco inverse masks, etc.

Wrote it years ago cuz I had an itch. The included perl module populates a
hash entry per ip and I didnt want to write my own, so uses lots of ram+cpu on
big ops (/8 - /9 for eg). But great for earthly operations like /23 - /27 +

Yes I should start my own git repo, but i've been lazy.

No warranties provided.

If anyone has a faster/better one, that'd be handy.

Ken Chase - ken at sizone.org Toronto & Guelph Canada

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