MPLS in the campus Network?

Nick Hilliard nick at
Thu Oct 20 17:15:39 UTC 2016

Mark Tinka wrote:
> Not sure what gear you're using now, but you'll get full routing and
> MPLS features on the platforms such as the Cisco ASR920. I'd have
> recommended the Cisco ME3600X, but they just announced EoS/EoL last
> night, which means that while you can still order it until October 2017,
> the ASR920 will be cheaper and is the future of of Metro-E from Cisco in
> this segment.

the ME3600x is mostly fine for this sort of thing, with the exception of
its control plane policing mechanism which is badly limited in a number
of important ways, not least the fact that its traffic categorisation
buckets are non-configurable and not what you might necessarily want for
customer edge service.


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