Route It Or Lose It

Jason Hellenthal jhellenthal at
Tue Oct 18 14:27:30 UTC 2016

Well what else would you expect from todays information age. It’s like leaving a $100.00 bill on the sidewalk and expecting it to be there the following day.

> On Oct 18, 2016, at 00:08, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at> wrote:
> What a friendly, helpful place the modern Internet is!
> Like the forrest floor, its an ecosystem where things don't go
> to waste.
> If you happen to inadvertantly leave your shiny /18 IPv4 block
> lying around, don't worry.  It won't be long before some helpful
> Bulgarian, Romania, Ukranian or Russian will happen by, notice
> that you failed to route it, and then fix that for you, at no
> charge, and without you even having to ask.  Then, as a bonus,
> also at no charge, he'll fill it to the brim with snowshoe spammers
> for you!  How helpful!
> (VietNam) -> AS44814 (Bulgaria)

 Jason Hellenthal

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