List of US server providers?

John Kristoff jtk at
Tue Oct 11 16:25:50 UTC 2016

On Tue, 11 Oct 2016 14:23:19 +0000
Carlos Kamtha <kamtha at> wrote:

> Was wondering if anyone can point me to a current list of
> dedicated/VPS providers in the US. That is, if such a list exists...

I'm not sure such a comprehensive and regularly maintained list is
available, and I'm not sure it could be.  It would be very large and
difficult to keep current.  You can find many providers advertised or
discussed in web-based forums such as Web Hosting Talk or Low End Talk.

I maintain a small subset and woefully incomplete list of providers,
most of which have some U.S. presence, but not necessarily all, that
I've had some recent experience with here:



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