FCC: DIRS activated for providers in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina

Niels Bakker niels=nanog at bakker.net
Mon Oct 10 17:26:47 UTC 2016

* sean at donelan.com (Sean Donelan) [Mon 10 Oct 2016, 19:25 CEST]:
>On Fri, 7 Oct 2016, Sean Donelan wrote:
>>The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has activated its Disaster 
>>Information Reporting System (DIRS) in response to Hurricane Matthew.
>The FCC is now requesting daily reports. The FCC has also expanded 
>the area it requests reports, including North Carolina, South 
>Carolina and Virginia.
>Of course, DIRS is "voluntary." There doesn't seem to be any benefit 
>for communication providers. DIRS doesn't appear to improve or speed 
>up any disaster recovery efforts.

Mandatory timed status reports rarely do

	-- Niels.

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