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Fri Oct 7 09:38:14 UTC 2016

On 06/10/16 20:28, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
> In message <20161006163137.uvcnzodrve6tom43 at>,
> Joseph Karpenko <karpenko at> wrote:
>>> P.S.  This crap appears to be be brought to us courtesy of AS29632,
>>> NetAssist, LLC:
>> assuming accuracy of records, etc...  ;-)
> Right.  An that doesn't seem to be RIPE's strong suit.

It's not so much a questions on RIPE's strong suit, but more the LIRs, 
that don't keep their info updated.

RIPE only updates the basic data, to match it the contract data, but 
they're quite adament about updated data, if you want further 
allocations, which now sort of again is ... void.

> Specifically, is reporting the name associated with AS47860 as
> "Albino, LLC", but personally, I have no idea where they are getting that
> name from.  (And it sure doesn't look like a European style of company
> name... rather more American, I think.)

I reckon .. but this is a guestimate, that the AS and prefix probably 
was allocated to that company in the past, but either their contract 
never was finalised or their contract was cancelled by one of the parties.

So that might have been the name that "used" to be in the whois database 
for that prefix and ASN, but now isn't anymore, if the entity has ceased 
to exist.

That could also be the reason, why the prefix and ASN have been seen 

Either way ... that's a guestimate, but a very plausable one. Only 
somebody inside RIPE would be able to shed more light into, what 
actually happened. If they're actually permitted (could be prevented by 
data protection).

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