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> Note also there's voices recommending not to sign an RSA for legacy space (in certain situations, at least), see

Probably best to talk to a variety of IP brokers (including the one
publishing the above blog) for more current information, as this 
has been a fairly rapidly changing area and the referenced blog
contains both inaccuracies and statements that lack context. 

For example, there is a suggestion not to undertake a “NRPM 
8.2 Merger and Acquisition IPV4 transfer” due to the need to 
sign an RSA in the process.  The advice may be applicable to 
some who are adverse to the RSA, but is specifically about only
one type of transfer, i.e. transfer via merger and acquisition, not
an specified IP address block sale as most people consider…

Another example is the assertion that "ARIN says it will then not 
allow transfers from ARIN to RIPE, once inter-RIR transfers are 
allowed by RIPE, because there is no “like” needs based policy.”
While that might have been correct at one point in time, RIPE 
did adopt a rather generous needs-based policy that is indeed
compatible with ARIN’s inter-RIR transfer policy, and we’ve done
many transfers to the RIPE region since that time.

The combination of inaccuracies and outdated information dilute
the value of historical blog posts, so caveat emptor when revisiting


John Curran
President and CEO

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