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> * Jason Iannone:

>> Are urpf and bcp38 interchangeable terms in this discussion?  It seems
>> impractical and operationally risky to implement two unique ways to dos
>> customers.  What are the lessons learned by operators doing static output
>> filters, strict urpf, or loose/feasible urpf?
> Historically (in 1998, when RFC 2267 was released), BCP 38 was an
> egress filter applied at the AS boundary.

You meant ingress, no?

The control of the address space allocation resides with the upstream,
as must control of the filtering.

You *can* do BCP38 egress filtering on your network, but that filter
would *be in control of the Bad Guys* whom we're trying to kill off.

The filtering needs to be on the other side of the administrative
span of control fence.

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