Voice channels (FTTH, DOCSIS, VoLTE)

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at vaxination.ca
Mon Nov 21 06:58:57 UTC 2016

I need to verify some claims made by incumbents in Canada that VoLTE
data travels on a totally separate channel between the phone and the

Does anyone have links to relevant VoLTE documentation that would
provide how VoLTE is provisioned ? I was under the impression that it
was more of an "app" on the phone that used the same IP address given
for access to Internet. Does the phone get a separate IP and possibly
separate VLAN with dedicated bandwidth to ensure voice call quality?

Or are all the performance tricks done on land beyond the antenna once
the packets are identified as VoLTE, but the phone itself just treats
them as a normal app ?

I know that for FTTH, there is a separate "channel" where the "POTS"
emulation can be provided with its own dedicated IP and bandwidth.

Would DOCSIS be the same as FTTH, with the cableco voice service riding
isnide the same DOCSIS bandwidth but with pre-allocated bandwidth, or do
they allocate separate NTSC channels with a totally separate data pipe ?

(in which case, in systems with only 42mhz of uplink frequencies, the
voice would have its own NTSC channel on uplink?

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