10G switch drops traffic for a split second

TJ Trout tj at pcguys.us
Tue Nov 29 09:06:00 UTC 2016

I recently upgraded my core network from 1G to 10G and after the upgrade I
have noticed that my 10G switch during peak traffic (1500mbps, 100,000pps)
seems to be dropping traffic for a split second across all ports and all
vlans. I immediately replaced the switch with a different brand/model and
the problem persists.

Sometimes traffic drops to zero, others it drops to 50%, problem is very
random but seems to occur with much more frequency during high PPS (pushing
high traffic / iperf does not induce problem)

Could this be MTU? I've tried flow control, hard code duplex, stp on/off etc

I'm at a loss any ideas?

TJ Trout
Volt Broadband

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