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Fri Nov 18 19:39:57 UTC 2016

Thank you Massimiliano.

Consider that when we were announcing the whole /22 everything was working correctly, then suddenly some ASs stopped to accept our prefixes. That's why we decided to split the network and announce prefixes with different AS. Moreover the /23 announced by AS2876 spreaded correctly, even if the object has been created at the same time as the other...

Ciao! :)
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On 18/11/16 19:04, Giuseppe Spanò - Datacast Srl wrote:

> AS2876 announces
> AS207029 announces (those prefixes are idle at the moment)
> It seems an AS filtering is acting somewhere, and this looks a bit weird to me.
> Did this ever happen to any of you? Do you have ideas?

I think this might be due to missing route: objects for your announcements.

I see that you created them for the separate /23s a few hours ago, so
you should wait for the upstreams to pick them, which might happen in
the next 24 hours, so they can adjust their filters.  You could also
hope that some engineers pick it up here on list - as you asked - and
adjusts filters before the scheduled time comes.



Massimiliano Stucchi

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