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Lee ler762 at
Fri Nov 18 14:51:51 UTC 2016

On 11/17/16, Carl Byington <carl at> wrote:
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> On Thu, 2016-11-17 at 15:32 -0500, Lee wrote:
>> That's fine, but until someone is willing to work with them don't
>> expect it to get fixed.
> I am working with at, trying to explain the
> problem. They seem to think I should provide "application name and ID"
> before they can research this.

They probably want that so they know where to route the ticket.  I
pointed them at
and suggested they have someone on the network team use ipv6 to
connect to over a 1280 byte MTU link.  Hopefully that's enough
to get the ticket routed to the correct group.

> I responded as below. I will let you know
> if there is any progress on this.

I'd appreciate that.
And thanks for being willing to work with them to fix the problem.


> It is 100% reproducible here - and
> should be reproducible from anywhere with a slightly smaller than normal
> MTU.
> We try to get to - which fails. I
> presume that is before there is any application name or ID.
> Try to reach that page from a browser on a machine with ipv6
> connectivity that goes thru a tunnel with a 1300 byte MTU. It will fail.
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