NEVERMIND! (was: Seeking Google reverse DNS delegation

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Tue Nov 15 05:35:37 UTC 2016

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Large Hadron Collider <large.hadron.collider at> wrote:

>> And that includes the bogus info you put into your WHOIS records too!
>> Seriously, I give you credit for at least picking out a valid random
>> street address, somewhere in fly-over country, but if you're going to
>> go to all the trouble to pick yourself out a domain name, set it all
>> up and then somehow snooker ARIN into delegating an entire /21's worth
>> of reverse DNS to it, then my god, at least pick out something that has
>> an air of believability to it, you know, like or
>> or something... not which is so totally and transparently
>> bogus.
>What if it was originally going to be a forum site for couponers who 
>aren't arrogant about it, and then they got sidetracked?

Yea.  Right.  And I'm sure they thought that they were gonna need an
entire /21 to host one web site.

The smell from this is so bad it almost defies description.


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