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Mon Nov 14 03:41:42 UTC 2016

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>On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 03:57:19PM -0800, Christopher Morrow wrote:
>> So... actually someone did tell arin to aim these at
>> ns1/
>> I'll go ask arin to 'fix the glitch'.
>For ...
>ARIN is delegating to ns[12]
>The NS records on the servers are pointing to
>> >

Right, which is what I said.

To borrow a word from our former Dear Leader, I misunderestimated the
level of either (a) devilish deception or else (b) ordinary garden-
variety sheer technical incompence on the part of the current illicit
inhabitants of  And really, I don't even give them
much credit for brains, so it is probably the latter, which is
somewhat depressing.

I mean seriously.... geeezz!  What's the world coming to?  It seems that
the clubs for the low-life deadbeat spammers and IP hijackers are letting
*anybody* in these days.  I am always annoyed by spam and spammers, but
I get REALLY annoyed when I get spammed by nitwits who can't even find
their own asses with both hands when it comes to something as simple as
setiing up their DNS properly.  Next thing you know, they'll be making
bonehead novice mistakes like leaving out the trailing periods in the
Right Places in their zone files.

Honstly, there ought to be a law.  If you're gonna spam me and use all
these different levels and kinds of deception... massivley violating
even the minimalist CAN-SPAM Act in the process...  then at least have
the courtesy, decency, and self-respect to at least do it in a workmanlike
and competent fashion!  I mean come on!

And that includes the bogus info you put into your WHOIS records too!
Seriously, I give you credit for at least picking out a valid random
street address, somewhere in fly-over country, but if you're going to
go to all the trouble to pick yourself out a domain name, set it all
up and then somehow snooker ARIN into delegating an entire /21's worth
of reverse DNS to it, then my god, at least pick out something that has 
an air of believability to it, you know, like or
or something... not which is so totally and transparently

And while you're at it, you should also at least make the WHOIS street
address and the phone number area code line up, if not with the place
you are pretending to be (Austin, TX) then at least with each other.
Honestly, Christ!  I've looked at enough phone numbers in enough spammer
WHOIS records that I haven't needed to Google area code 702 in years to
know that it ain't nowhere near Indianapolis.  (Duh!)

Look, spammers are gonna spam and hijackers are gonna hijack.  We all
know this, and for the most part, we've all come to accept it, because
there are just too many crooks and/or too many incompetents at every
level in the system to ever make it all go away.  But if you're gonna
spam and/or squat on IP space that clearly isn't your's, then at least
have the dignity to actually *earn* your ill-gotten gains, you know,
by setting up your deceptions properly.  This crap in
may fool the folks at ARIN, but nobody else is buying it, because you
set it up so badly.  You are a discredit to spammers and hijackers,
and that's saying a lot.  This is your "job" fer chrissake?  Don't you
have any pride?

'nuff said.

P.S.  Sorry for the rant everybody, but sometimes it just really gets
to me when I see quite this level of stoopid in the spammer community.
In general I loath and despise spammers, but for some of them at least,
I have a grudging respect, because at least they are good at their jobs.
But these guys ain't among them.  Everything the've done here is so
transparently bogus that my dog could spot it, and he's blind in one

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