OSPF vs ISIS - Which do you prefer & why?

Charles van Niman charles at phukish.com
Thu Nov 10 21:53:30 UTC 2016

I don't think Nick asked for a list, just one single thing, any one
thing. To me at least, it doesn't really make sense to make the
statement you did, without pointing out what can be done to improve
the situation. I would be very interested to hear what network
requirements are not being met with Juniper's current IS-IS


On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 3:22 PM, Josh Reynolds <josh at kyneticwifi.com> wrote:
> I'm sure a lot has changed with Juniper as of 2011 in regard to IS-IS
> support, which was the last time *I* looked.
> No, I do not have a list sitting ready, that catalogs in details
> between product lines and specific firmware versions and subversions
> between multiple vendors what one supports and what one does not as of
> Nov 11, 2016.
> What I can do is point you at the vendor list where you can make a
> comparison of that vendor to others, for the features that you need in
> your environment - as I'm not getting paid to maintain such lists, and
> they are.
> On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 2:47 PM, Nick Hilliard <nick at foobar.org> wrote:
>> Josh Reynolds wrote:
>>> I have not kept up with all of the feature differences between Cisco's
>>> implementation and the other vendors. I can only encourage others
>>> interested in this to compare the specific feature sets between the
>>> two and see if it meets their needs. What I need in an environment
>>> from an IGP may be totally different from another data center,
>>> transport, or transit network provider.
>> so you aren't prepared to (or can't) provide a single detail about all
>> the many features that the junos isis implementation is apparently
>> missing, which would justify saying that Juniper is "not getting it"
>> Ok.
>> Not even one?  A tiny little thin one?  Just... just one...?
>> Nick

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