Here we go again.

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Wed Nov 9 22:39:50 UTC 2016

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"Jay R. Ashworth" <jra at> wrote:

>The list is not the proper forum for a debate on this topic, and I'm not
>trying to start one.
>But ask yourself *now* what happens if you get these kinds of orders, so
>that you can give a reasoned answer.

There are plenty of reasons for thinking people to be terrified today.
I don't know why you've chosen to focus on such a small one.  Here's a
bigger one:

P.S.  I agree completely that this is not the proper forum for either
discussion or debate on these matters.  But given that adherence to
the ordinary rules of politness and proper decorum quite clearly did
nothing, in the end, to prevent last night's outcome, I for one am
willing to forgo them, within limits, e.g. when some of the elephants
in the room become just too big to ignore.

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