ISP License in the USA?

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Just to clarify. You don't need a SPIN (e-rate Service Provider
Identification Number) to provide service to those entities. You only need a
SPIN to qualify for USF/USAC funding for those entities. If they want to pay
full price (which some do) you don't need the SPIN. Applying for a SPIN is
extremely easy. Applying for e-rate funding, on the other hand, is usually
best done via a consultant. Thankfully that's the customer's problem, not

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Not familiar with the process, but look at E-rate if you want to provide
service to schools, libraries and health providers.

On 05/31/16 13:14 -0500, Lorell Hathcock wrote:
>Our owner has hired a consultant who insists that we should have an ISP
>license to operate in the United States.  (Like they have in other
>countries like Germany and in Africa where he has extensive personal
>I am asking him to tell me which license we should have because I don't
>know of a license that we are required to have to route IP traffic to
>end customers.
>I am familiar with CLEC status filed with our state.  But it is not a
>requirement to pass traffic.
>He is suggesting COALS with which I am completely unfamiliar.
>Can anyone tell me if there is a Texas state and/or USA Federal license
>for a small operator to pass IP traffic from the internet to end users
>(commercial and/or residential).
>I am aware that there are some CALEA requirements of ISPs that seem to
>kick in once a CALEA request is made, but is that different from a license.

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