MPLS Reference Designs

Alain Hebert ahebert at
Fri May 27 18:36:35 UTC 2016

    ( it might be a bit much to look for that here, but meh its Friday )


    Usual Multi-point L2 services, with L3 path(s) to the Internet
-and/or- inter-site L3 routing (VRF per customer).

    This is a simple project involving upgrading a L2 MAN into and more
flexible and isolated (MACs wise) MPLS infrastructure.

Road blocks

    We're wasting way too much time with sales rep/engineer, for then,
ending up finding some irrelevant limitation after having spent ~20h of
man power looking at their offering.


    ( Obviously interoperability is just ridiculous when talking MPLS... )

    Thus I'm looking for reference designs from different vendor viewpoint.

    Simple enough, but I would like to put the "make/model of the actual
device capable" of doing the function at the P, PE and CE level of their

    Too many times we ended up finding boxes that look the part but are
limited in such a way to accomplish only the task that fit the vendor
own MPLS paradigm.
    ( TLDR: Make us spend more $$$ than needed =D long gone is the
swiss-knife concept )

    Offlist answers are fine.

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