LACP Frames / Level3 Transport

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Wed May 25 05:42:45 UTC 2016

On 25/May/16 00:14, Eric Kuhnke wrote:

> Or a very reckless oversubscription ratio and misjudgment of the customer,
> example, if a provider had 2 x 100GbE capacity between two locations and
> sold a customer a 100GbE EoMPLS transport circuit from A to Z, based on the
> mistaken idea of "Well these guys probably aren't going to peak more than
> 35Gbps of traffic at any time in the near future....". Frightening.

Yeah, I wouldn't do that. Easier and cheaper to deliver the circuit over
EoDWDM if you can't reserve enough capacity in the backbone.

You could get away with it by doing an N x 100Gbps LAG, but EoMPLS
traffic may or may not load balance well, depending on platform and payload.


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