SNMP "bridging"/proxy?

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Ha!  I've never seen that article, thanks for pointing it out.

Note that the performance of Net-SNMP's extensibility mechanisms should
way into the decision.  The fastest backend needs to be written in C,
and embedded perl is an easy second.  Beyond that, pass_persist is
somewhere in the middle and pass/extend/other execs are the slowest
because of the need to exec a command for every incoming request which
is expensive.  Great for bootstrapping and testing, but in the long run
look to the better coding solutions.

Tutorials for most of these exist:

[as a point of history: Net-SNMP has always been very extensible since
it was started based on my need to add extensibility to an agent way
back in 1995-ish in order to monitor some special cases on a map with HP
OV (as it was known back then)]
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