SNMP "bridging"/proxy?

Robert Drake rdrake at
Sat May 21 04:45:18 UTC 2016

On 5/20/2016 7:43 PM, Nathan Anderson wrote:
> 'lo all,
> Is anybody out there aware of a piece of software that can take data from an arbitrary source and then present it, using a MIB or set of OIDs of your choosing, as an SNMP-interrogatable device?
> We have some CPE that supports SNMP, but considers it to be a mutually-exclusive "remote management" protocol such that if you use another supported method for deployment and provisioning (e.g., TR-069), you cannot have both that AND SNMP enabled simultaneously.  It's one or the other.
> We currently monitor and graph some device stats for these CPE with Cacti, but we want to be able to provision using a TR-069 ACS.  The ACS can collect some of the same data we are graphing right now, but cannot present it in a fashion that is nearly as useful as the way Cacti/RRDtool does (not to mention the staff is already used to navigating Cacti).  We know what SQL database table the stats are being stored in by the ACS, though, so my thought was that there must be some way that we can have a host respond to SNMP gets and then have it turn around and collect the value to be returned from a database.  Basically, an ODBC -> SNMP proxy.  We'd then point Cacti at that IP instead of the individual CPEs.  But I can't seem to find anything like this.
I would move away from this CPE vendor.  Your solution has merit in the 
short term, but monitoring through the ACS is pointlessly putting more 
load on a server that already has it's own responsibilities.  You can't 
scale out with this.  Well, not without deploying more ACS servers.. 
which are a bit more heavyweight than SNMP pollers.

As mentioned already, net-snmp can do this easily enough.  The biggest 
problem you'll face is figuring out how you want to name OIDs to match 
up to each CPE and the elements you're graphing. ....  you might be 
better off pulling the data out of the database via SQL queries to a 
remote host and proxying the data there.  Or possibly have cacti run the 
SQL query directly.  It looks like they have many general (non SNMP) 
templates that you could use to base it on.
> Thanks,
> -- Nathan

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