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I think there is some information missing on your longer link. Did you still have appropriate signal? Was there noise? 

I have a B5 link that's about 2 miles that's rocking full data rate and a B5c one that's going about 4 miles at full data rate. My 8 mile B5c link is less than full data rate due to interference. 

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We've deployed 2 B5 links into production, the newer firmware seems to have fixed the issues we saw in the links when we first tested them. 

We have a very rural customer where two hops are needed around the site. We're lucky in that we had two 80MHz channels free. We see around 350Mbps both ways actual throughput on both links. 

However, these links are short est. 200mtrs when we had tested these on longer links their performance was awful, on a 40MHz channel we saw 20Mbps. 

For our longer links that need a bit more throughput than a Rocket M5 we either use Licensed radios or the AF5X which works very well. 


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> On 14 May 2016, at 11:07, Matt Hoppes <mattlists at rivervalleyinternet.net> wrote: 
> Jared - why not go to Ubiquiti AC gear if you need some more speed and something more modern? 
>> On May 14, 2016, at 01:43, Eric C. Miller <eric at ericheather.com> wrote: 
>> B5c is the only product that I've had much success with from Mimosa. 
>> The B5Lite is a cheap plastic shell and, and it performs like it too. 
>> If you have UBNT gear now, Mimosa is a good next step, but I'd strongly recommend that you stear away from the lite and go with the B5c. We use them with rocket dishes. You just need the RP-SMA to N cables. 
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>> Anyone deployed this radio in production in the US? I’m curious to hear from people who are using it, looking at replacing some UBNT hardware with it on some PTP links, going from the M-series class devices to something more modern. 
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>> - Jared 

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