NIST NTP servers

Chris Adams cma at
Fri May 13 02:20:42 UTC 2016

Once upon a time, John Souvestre <john at> said:
> The Enhanced WWVB signal has better range and more accuracy, but I don't know if any receivers are available yet.

I know it's supposed to have better range and signal quality, but I
thought accuracy was about the same.  The variables that affect accuracy
are mostly external to the signal itself (propagation delay affected by
atmospheric conditions).

At one point, they were going to put a second transmitter closer to the
east coast, and it was going to be at the Army's Redstone Arsenal, next
to Huntsville, AL, where I live; I probably could have put a receiver in
a steel box and still had good signal!  NASA vetoed it though.
Chris Adams <cma at>

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