NIST NTP servers

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 > ... a dedicated WWVB receiver.

The Enhanced WWVB signal has better range and more accuracy, but I don't know if any receivers are available yet.


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A note on using a Raspberry Pi as a NTP server. In my limited home lab
testing the RPi server had enough instability that Internet time sources
were always preferred by my workstation after ntpd had been running for a
while. Presumably this was due to the RPi's clock frequency drifting. At
some point I will look at it again.

If you do want to build your own Stratum 1 server you might want to glance

and the references there.

I had hoped to use the very low cost RPi Stratum 1 servers at $DAY_JOB, but
the test device was clearly not up to the job. At some point I hope to
revisit this and do some more testing like I did for that poster. I'll add
in a CDMA server and a dedicated WWVB receiver.


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