SV: BGP peering strategies for smaller routers

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Wed May 4 05:47:21 UTC 2016


Yea its a bit strange that we would need to add memory to the platform just because we upgraded the image. 
But since we were in kind of a tight spot we opted to upgrade it and then move away from the platform in that role. 


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On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 3:50 PM, Gustav Ulander <gustav.ulander at> wrote:
> Yes I can confirm that we also had the issue with the asr1001s.
> For us the router was fine until we upgraded it. When we rebooted it 
> after the upgrade it ran out of memory when populating 2 full feeds.
> When we contacted TAC they confirmed that indeed it was a memory 
> problem and that we would need to add more memory to the box.

Hi Gustav,

IMO, you should not accept that answer from the TAC. An IOS release that crashes with two 600k BGP feeds in 4 gigs of RAM is badly defective.

Bill Herrin

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