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Tue May 3 20:18:00 UTC 2016

On 03/05/16 21:23, Marco Paesani wrote:
> Hi Arnold,
> nobody answer at 'peering at' for this reason I write here on NANOG.
> Ciao,
> Marco Paesani
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As I've told you when you hunted me down the last time through backside channels.. :)

When you don't get an answer on [email protected] addresses its not because they don't read the emails. Instead of declining a peering-request formally people tend to just use the silent treatment and have that represent a "No". If you don't hear back - you probably don't fulfill the requirements to be eligible to peer with a network and for a big network with selective or restrictive policy, answering
"no" to emails all day long isn't productive for anyone.

This is one of MANY unwritten rules in the peering-world which can be hard to grasp at first. To understand the nomenclature and the "rules", going on a field trip to conferences such as NANOG, RIPE, EPF, GPF and the such is a great way to understand the game, so one can act accordingly to how the playfield looks like.

hugge @ AS2603

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