Arista Routing Solutions

Rob van de Logt rtmcquillen at
Mon May 2 14:42:35 UTC 2016

On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 2:22 PM, Timothy Creswick
<Timothy.Creswick at> wrote:
> Not in response to any point specifically, but the major issue which stopped us buying Arista a few months ago was the rather out-dated attitude to 3rd party transceiver support.
> I'm sure there are plenty of people running Arista on 3rd party optics, but all the noises that were being made by the sales and technical guys suggested that we could find ourselves abandoned by their support or a policy change in the future.

We're going to be getting some Arista gear soon and this issue came
up. They made the same noises and vague overtures of "well, you
*might* have problems with TAC if you go with 3rd party optics"...
until I said "Oh really- well, that's a deal breaker, we can't really
even consider that". And then they backpedaled at light speed and
reassured me that 3rd party optics would be fine, they just "had to
have the conversation".

Also talked to a local Arista customer, much bigger than us and using
a lot more of their gear. They have 0 Arista optics and 0 problems
with 3rd party for a few years now. IMHO the whole thing was just
sales guy FUD to try to squeeze a few extra bucks out.

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